Permaculture Solutions

May 21, 2021

Permaculture Solutions are helping families, organisations and communities use permaculture to become more self-sufficient.

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Permaculture is a method for designing sustainable, human-supporting landscapes that mimic the operation of natural ecosystems. By linking the different parts of each system in ecologically sensible ways, permaculture achieves high yields for low energy inputs while actually building fertility over successive seasons.

For some, permaculture means a backyard garden that for relatively little work supplies an abundance of organically produced food all year round. For others, permaculture means a drought and flood-proof rural property ensuring food, water and energy security into the coming decades.

In a time of ever-rising energy costs, permaculture is changing from a hobby for an interested few to a necessity for us all. Ironically, in helping different groups become less dependent on inputs from outside the system, Permaculture Solutions aims to make itself redundant as soon as possible!

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