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May 21, 2021

Garden Life (aka GardenLifeHub.UK) is operated by Graeme Farrer t/a Morpheus with the aim of providing a providing a range of published eBook guides, product info, open gardens, find a gardener (UK only) and other weblinks to feed your passion gardening thirst for knowledge.

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Having spent a lifetime in gardens as a fully qualified horticulturist, holding a range of nationally recognised qualifications at Diploma level, combined with over 35 years experience gained with prestigious employers ranging from National Garden Festival (Gateshead), the Royal Horticultural Society (Wisley)ChelseaHampton Court & Westminster Flower Shows.

Graeme is a both a contractor and consultant member of The Gardeners Guild and also operates a garden maintenance services under the name of Morpheus Garden Care, providing work to an exceptionally high standard.

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