Graeme Farrer (UK)

T/A Morpheus - 2001
About Me
  • Name Graeme Farrer

  • Age 45 Years

  • Location Darlington, UK

  • Experience 30 Years

  • Degree Nat Dip Hort

  • Career Level Professional

  • Phone 07759 219203

  • FAX 01325 260400

  • E-mail

  • Website

I’m a Conscious Dreamer, creating a new reality for myself.

In becoming a conscious dreamer, I am literally creating a new reality for myself, as well as contributing to the larger dream that is emerging. When I am not having crazy adventures with my children, I work primarily as a self employed horticulturist, with a lifelong passion for gardening, combined with a more recently developed interest in permaculture.

I provide horticutural consultancy. I am a registered consulting member of The Gardeners Guild. I also operate a local garden care service as Morpheus Garden Care.

I am a self taught website designer and have built and host websites for both friends as well as corporate clients. With a flair for social media and other online campaign tools, I can create an affordable online presence for you.

So I ask, What I Can Do for You? - how can I be of service?


Registered consulting member of The Gardeners Guild, providing horticultural advice.


I operate a locally delivered service helping you regulary improve your gardens appearance.


Design principles centered around patterns and features observed in natural ecosystems.


Affordable website solutions, domains and websites painlessly built and hosted for you.


Boost your online profile with a vast array of social media and other online campaign tools.


I am able to capture, convert and incorporate both sound and image, enhancing your internet media.

"Thank you" - to all my clients for your continued support.

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